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GROHOOF Pellets – Maintains the integrity of the hoof.

A food supplement of superior formulation for better results. Contains high levels of Biotin (37.5mg/day) + Methionine + Zinc + Copper + Calcium + Amino Acids. Provides nutrients required for optimal hoof growth.

Active Ingredients
Per 50g: Dicalcium phosphate 23654.65 mg, DL-methionine analogue 7058.85 mg, Zinc Oxide (Zinc 600mg) 750mg, Copper 120mg, Biotin 37.5 mg.

All horses: Orally administer 1 scoop (50g included) per day. Daily for at least 180 days.
Foals and Ponies: Orally administer ½ scoop (equivalent to 25g) per day.Daily for at least 180 days.

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