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Reclaim your Backyard! Mosquito-Less insect deterrent creates a ‘no go’ zone for mosquitos naturally, using no chemicals or poisons.
Why is it so effective? Mosquitoes are 10,000x more sensitive to garlic than humans. Mosquitoes strongly dislike garlic odor and they leave a treated area immediately!
At first, the garlic odor is very pungent however it will dissipate in hours and become barely noticeable to you, but not for mosquitos.

• 2 x Mosquito-Less is equivalent to two (2) months of mosquito control (pending environmental conditions).
• Safe when used as directed for plants and pets.
• Attach to garden hose for automatic dispersion at the accurate rate.
• Spray everything - Trees, Fences, Bushes, Walls, Decks, Screens, Lawn, Garden, Patio, Outdoor Furniture, Pool Deck etc.
• Great for - Cottages, RV and Outdoor Events
• Preferred for Wedding Organizers.