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The Equine Headstall by Noavel is a bitless bridle that is proven to be a comfortable solution for horses who do not prefer traditional bridles with bits. The headstall was designed by Rick Wheat and does not restrict airflow, has nothing in the mouth, and gives the horse a sense of freedom while the rider maintains complete control. By using the bump-and-release principle, the training method generates calmness and trust when used properly. The release or reward is the most humane benefit of this horse training and everyday riding tool.

The Noavel Headstall has a leather-covered steel Bosal that applies pressure to the nose and underneath the jaw when adjusted properly. A special twist added during the manufacturing processes allows it to hang asymmetrically on the horse’s muzzle, and it is fully adjustable. It can be used as a headstall, halter, and with or without a bit.