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The Double Hinged Uxeter Kimberwick Bit is a good choice for horses who are a little too strong for a regular snaffle. The slotted cheeks of the Uxeter Kimberwick allow you to vary the amount of pressure exerted on the poll and by the curb chain. With the rein in the top slot, the pressure will be similar to a hanging cheek snaffle (baucher) with the curb chain engaging with a fair amount of rein pressure. With the rein attached on the lower slot, the bit will apply more poll pressure and engage the curb chain with a lighter touch giving you more control. This kimberwick has a roller mouthpiece which is more effective with horses who tend to pull, lean or brace against the bit than the mullen mouthpiece found in many kimberwick bits.
Mouthpiece is 5"Reduces tongue pinching for a more comfortable fitReduces direct pressure on the tongueHelps to stop the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth Copper roller encourages relaxation and salivationCrafted from top quality stainless steel and copperWill not rust or lose its lusterCurb chain and hooks included