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/Products/Horse Health/Insect Control/Fly Traps & Equipment/H-TRAP PROFESSIONAL HORSEFLY CONTROL SYSTEM


Product ID: CEN-V66

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$260.95 / EA
Steel coated
Weather proof design
Anti-rotation anchor
Environmentally friendly
Effective & easy control
The new H-trap system effectively controls horse fly numbers, reducing them to an absolute minimum. The H-trap is designed to be placed outdoors, where it works without the need for chemicals or electricity. Extensive independent trials have shown a reduction of 90-95% in horse fly numbers in areas protected by the H-trap can be realised. The horse flies are "tricked" into mistaking the centrally placed black ball in the H-trap as a large animal, such as your horse. They are attracted to the ball since it emits heat, exactly like the body of the horse. Once they are positioned on the black ball, they will investigate it and try to sting it. Since they will be unsuccessful in gaining their desired blood feed, they will follow their natural behaviour and fly away. Horse flies naturally fly upwards, hood system, where they are guided into a centrally placed collection bin. This is filled with waterand they die in the trap.