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Adding fat to a feeding program is an excellent way to improve body condition for those hard keepers, high performance, special needs and senior horses. Fat is energy dense and provides more than twice the kcals per gram (9kcal per gram) compared to carbohydrates and protein, (both provide 4 kcals per gram). In essence, a horse would have to consume more than twice the volume in grain to gain the equivalent calories provided by fat. 1 cup oil (250ml) = 4000kcal, 1cup of oats = 1350 kcal, 1 C commercial feed – 1450 kcal

Adding fat will reduce the amount of grain required, will improve digestibility of fat soluble vitamins as well as the slowing down the flow of food from the stomach into small intestines where digestive enzymes take action to further break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. By improving nutrient absorption in the small intestines (foregut), less will reach the hind gut (large intestines and caecum), therefore less fermentation, gas, bloating and possible digestive upset.

Wheat Germ and Soyabean Oil Blend is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A, D and E. Not only will the horse gain a shiny, luxurious hair coat, but it can help maintain body weight for those hard keepers, adding fat calories that are easily digested. The addition of Vitamin A, D and E make this an excellent all around top dressing, palatable and cost effective reducing requirement for additional grain.

Mix 28 - 56 ml in the horse's daily ration.