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Optimal performance, speed, endurance and power can only result providing a horse has a strong skeleton, good bone strength and well-muscled body condition. Without a healthy skeleton, the horse would not be able to withstand the concussion and forces, during training or competition. Inadequate bone mineralization leads to porous, weak bones and higher risk of orthopedic injuries, such as stress fractures, sore shins, and joint trauma.

Calcium and Phosphorous are the major bone building minerals essential for growth, pregnant and lactating mare, as well as contributing to cardiac function, normal blood clotting, central nervous system, muscle function, temperature and fluid regulation as well as assisting in many enzymatic and hormonal activities. Phosphorous, is also a major component for bone mineralization and an important structural component for all lipid cell membranes and has a critical role in the generation of phosphocreatine energy, this is the form of energy that improves muscle strength and endurance.

The National Research Council 2007 recommends for a 500kg mature horse in regular work a calcium to phosphorous ratio of 20 grams of calcium and 14 grams of phosphorous per day (ratio of 1.4:1). A 500 kg lactating mare requires a calcium to phosphorous ratio that increases to 2.2:1 or 85 grams of calcium and 39 grams of phosphorous per day. To ensure a young growing horse develops good bone and skeletal growth, requirements are 1.8:1 or 36 to 40 grams of calcium and 20 to 22 grams of phosphorous per day.

Golden Horseshoe Di-calcium phosphate is a balanced ratio of Calcium to Phosphorous of 1:1. 30gm of dicalcium phosphate provides approximately 7g of calcium and 6 g of phosphorous.