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Electrolytes: (7,220 mg per scoop) Keep the body hydrated. Endurance athletes, humans and horses, who sweat profusely over a long period of time are particularly likely to suffer from electrolyte loss.

Sodium Citrate: (4,000 mg per scoop) A scientifically proven acrogenic aid for anaerobic performance specifically acting as an effective buffering agent.

Calcium: (3,000 mg per scoop) Has been shown to enhance both anaerobic and aerobic performance by enhancing ATP production.

Potassium Phosphate: (200 mg per scoop) supplies the important electrolyte, potassium, and an abundance of phosphate. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the muscles' contractile energy source.

Magnesium Oxide: (2000 mg per scoop) Ensures smooth rhythmic body movements.

DMG: (Dimenthylglycine) (1,500 mg per scoop) Has long been used by athletes to improve overall performance and endurance, to enhance oxygen utilization and improve recovery after strenuous exercise. A trial conducted using DMG in the diet of racing standardbreds, resulted in lower blood lactic acid levels following training. Trainers found these horses to be more "aggressive," to have better appetites and attitudes, and to recover faster from racing and training.

L-Glutamine: (1,000 mg per scoop) The demand for this non-essential amino acid increases dramatically when the body is repairing damaged tissue. Supplementation with L-glutamine will create an increase in nitrogen retention to enhance anabolism and allow the body to repair tissue more efficiently. During endurance training, L-Glutamine will prevent the body from using muscle as fuel by sparing glycogen stores, increasing endurance.

L-Lysine: (6,000 mg per scoop) An essential amino acid which is the necessary building block for all protein. Lysine is most often deficient in horse diets. Supplementation is highly recommended for horses in training and performance horses. It is needed for appropriate muscle, blood and hoof development. Helps in collagen formation and repairs tissues.

Antioxidants: (1,500 mg per scoop)

Lipoic Acid: (50 mg) A powerful antioxidant that significantly increases the cellular nutrient absorption potential. Mimics insulin to increase glucose and amino acid absorption, enhancing recovery and muscle tone, energy and stamina. Vitamin C: (450 mg) During periods of peak performance, t he body requires more Vitamin C for tissue recovery and restoration. Vitamin E Natural: (500 IUs) Enhances muscle tone and endurance, is a potent antioxidant.

Creatine Monohydrate: (10,000 mg per scoop) Creatine property reacted with a Krebs Cycle Intermediate to create a molecule with a higher bioavailability. Five times more soluble, more absorbable and more active than creatine monohydrate. Increased bioavailability means you use less for saturation and maintenance and hypersaturation is possible. Creatine Cirtate is not a single blend, rather an innovative molecule engineered for increased bioactivity. Creatine absorption into the muscles is enhanced by the simultaneous ingestion of glucose. May produce more ATP for extra energy, speed and endurance. Buffers the lactic acid build up.

Carbohydrate: (20,000 mg per scoop) Maltodextrin, Glucose and fructose for muscles and energy supply. The importance of the initial muscle glycogen concentration in high intensity has been reported. The general consensus is that muscle glycogen concentration plays a significant role in performance by providing extra dietary carbohydrates prior, during and afer exercise.

Directions for Use: 1 scoop (50 g) orally once daily.

Performance horses: 2 scoops orally twice daily.