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Bienenwachs Beeswax Leather Fit Oil 500 mL

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For the treatment and care of leather. Prevents leather cracking, preserves leather and makes it supple and resistant. With self-cleaning effect • water and dust repellent with NANO-technology!

Leatherfit Oil contains only selected leathercare components on an oxidatively pre-treated fat base, which prevent the polish from becoming rancid or resinated. The leather is always supple and well protected against cracking.

The ingredients used in the leather fat substances also give the leather protection against the penetration of water and filter out damaging ultra-violet radiation (sunlight).

How to use: Warm Leatherfit Oil to body temperature and apply several coats to the clean, dry leather. Repeat as and when required.

Contains: natural rapeseed oil, micro-wax system based upon plants (wheat, sunflower), bees-wax, nano-cross-linking agent based on siloxanes (NO nano particles), perfume.