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Mattes Sheepskin Saddle A/P Half Pad w/Split Sheepskin

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Mattes ALL PURPOSE ROLLED BACK Half Pad fits neatly under the saddle and can be used directly on the horse's back, or on top of a quilted pad that has a similar shaped top line.

white/white, white/natural, black/black, pink/white, blue/white

All Mattes saddle pads are designed with a topline that follows the shape of the gullet of the saddle. With help from the Polyflex felt, this ensures that the pad will stay snugged up into the gullet of the saddle, and completely away from the spinal area.

It is recommended that the saddle pads be used with the sheepskin directly on the horse's back. Placing a quilted pad between the sheepskin pad and the horse's back will interfere with the properties of the sheepskin.