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Tea-Clenz Antimicrobial Concentrate

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Tea-Clenz Equine Body Wash is a cationic (non-sudsing) shampoo/cleanser that in its properly diluted form is used in the treatment of rainscald, rainrot, ringworm, summer sores, girth itch and other fungal and bacterial skin problems, especially those involving large areas of the horse's body.

Tea-Clenz is highly concentrated and must be diluted using 1 oz of concentrate to 1 gallon of water. At this dilution, Tea-Clenz is highly effective against skin and hair bacteria and fungi, literally killing these topical microbial agents at the root of the problem. It eliminates costly and messy product applications such as using wettable Captan or iodine/bedadine based cleansers or shampoos. Tea-Clenz cleanses as well as disinfects and is a proven anti-viral as well.