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HFH Biotin 220 1 kg.

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1kg Powder

The B-complex vitamin Biotin is involved in glucose metabolism which powers muscles. Biotin is one of three ingredients (the others being Zinc & Methionine) that are required in a balanced ratio in order to produce strong keratin (hoof). Feeding Biotin alone will make soft, flaky hooves.

The National Research Council does not have a defined recommended daily amount, however many sources cite 20 mg daily as sufficient for strong hooves when feed along with Methionine and Zinc.


Contains 26 mg of Biotin per scoop.

Essential for sound hooves.

Provides a healthy skin & coat.

Maintains cell division.

No fillers.

Additional Information...

Biotin is one of eight B-complex vitamins. They are water soluble and hence not stored in the body. They must therefore be provided on a daily basis in the diet. Biotin is not toxic if taken in excess. Grain, bran and good quality yeasts (not brewers yeast) are all sources of Biotin.

Horses have bacteria in the hind-gut which can synthesize some Biotin. B vitamins are used in glucose metabolism and in tissue maintenance and repair. It is one of the three ingredients which must be provided in balance to produce healthy keratin (hoof). The other two essential ingredients for keratin (hoof) manufacture are methionine and zinc.

B vitamins work best in synergy with each other so it is better if they are supplied as a group.


Dehydrated Yeast Culture (which improves fiber digestion), Biotin

Guaranteed Analysis (per 15 g scoop):

Wheat Bran

Feeding Directions
1-2 scoops daily for maintenance