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HFH Breathe 6 kg. (No Garlic) w/BGA

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Breathe is clinically proven (by the Equine Research Center) to support a healthy respiratory system in your horse.  It reduces coughs, congestion and other respiratory problems making it one of the most effective products available. It is the only clinically proven formula for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) / heaves or small airway disease.  Breathe is also anti-infective and anti-allergy.  It strengthens the respiratory system of your horse.  It works as a natural aid for stable cough.

Now with Blue Green Algae (BGA) (Spirulina) with proven effectiveness against allergies.


  • Reduces cough.
  • Bronchodilating.
  • Anti infective.
  • Lowers elevated respiratory rate within seven days.
  • No fillers.


Dry Mash Format: Aniseed, Fennel, Peppermint, Spirulina, Thyme, Antioxidant Blend, Alfalfa, Blue Green Algae (BGA) (Spirulina)

Alfalfa leaf meal
Eucalyptus leaves
Flax oil
Celery seed
Althea root
Elder flowers
Fennel seed

Feeding Directions
2 scoops daily for 10 days.
1 scoop daily for maintenance.