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Farrier's Formula - 11 lb. pail

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11 lb. pail

Farrier's Formula® is the original hoof supplement developed by Life Data Labs, Inc. It is formulated to provide nutrients such as phospholipids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and important amino acid “protein building blocks” in the correct balance and ratio. These required nutrients assist in building strong connective tissue proteins important for healthy hoof structure and growth. It also promotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog, and heel. Farrier’s Formula® provides proper nutrition to “grow out” wall cracks, strengthen and thicken the hoof wall and sole, reduce the likelihood of microbial invasions and bruising, and assist with laminitis recovery. Farrier’s Formula® also promotes a glossy more deeply colored coat and strengthened connective tissues of the joints and ligaments. Farrier’s Formula® can be added as a top dressing on the regular feed or given separately. Farrier's Formula® is doping free and can be fed to competition horses.

Farrier's Formula contains thirteen guaranteed nutrients necessary for healthy dermal tissues. It is important to provide a balanced nutritional supplement that covers all dermal tissues, rather than only one or two ingredients such as biotin or methionine, which are currently being marketed individually.

Farrier's Formula is the only supplement for dermal tissues that has scientific research to prove its performance.