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SMX Air-Ride All-Around Saddle Pad

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30" X 32"

Designed for everyday use, the Air-Ride™ All-Around's® unique high-tech design is exclusive to Professional's Choice. It is the ONLY saddle pad on the market that conforms to the contours of the saddle and your horse's back. If you have a horse with a sore back, then this is the saddle pad for you.
The Air-Ride™ Suspension System is a technological breakthrough in saddle pad design. The Air-Ride's multi-cell configuration creates an actual air suspension system. Consisting of over 10,000 small air pockets, it is lighter in weight when compared to traditional pads. These pockets are designed in multiple layers and work simultaneously to prevent pressure in the most sensitive areas of the horse's back. It also offers maximum close contact... making it the ideal pad for all disciplines.

The Air-Ride's highly advanced multi-cell design is unique because it offers dynamic pad conformability to both the horse and the saddle, producing a "lock-down" effect for a more comfortable and secure ride.

The ideal length of this pad, its shock-absorbing qualities and light weight are reasons we call it the Air-Ride™ All-Around® Orthopedic Pad. For work or training, the All-Around® can be used alone. A lightweight Navajo blanket may be placed on top for a more traditional look.