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Stubben Maestoso Dressage

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The Maestoso marks a new breakthrough in the world of dressage. Stübben has combined four important features: looks, depth, comfort and close contact.

This model is not a traditional Stübben dressage saddle. It is built on an ultra-deep seat and has a thin long roll. While the tree is still flexible and absorbs part of the rider's weight, it allows the rider to sit very deep and provides a more secure seat.

For comfort, the Maestoso offers a doubled leather and padded jockey skirt. It features ultra soft and supple "special" leather on the fronts of the flap. The contours of the front are designed to better mold around the leg. For close contact, the Maestoso features a special groove on the flap to have the ends of the stirrup leathers go UNDER the flap, therefore eliminating leg interference and unnecessary layers of leather. For additional contact, the billet guard and the third billet have been removed, thus allowing for the legs of the rider to get even closer to the horse.