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Pharm-Vet Quench Lyte

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  • Description

Quench Lyte is an electrolyte and trace mineral supplement for horses to aid and prevent dehydration and electrolyte depletion associated with stress conditions.

Active Ingredients

Each gram contains:

Potassium Chloride   114.0 mg

Magnesium Chloride  15.7 mg

Sodium Chloride   320.0 mg

Calcium Lactate   32.3 mg

Manganese Sulfate   4.6 mg

Zinc Sulfate   6.6 mg

Iron Sulfate   5.0 mg

Copper Sulfate   3.15 mg

Cobalt Sulfate   0.0701 mg

Directions For Use

Quench Lyte may be administered in the horse’s feed or drinking water. Locate scoop inside package. One scoop equals 28 grams. 450 Kg Horses: 300 grams (10 3/4 scoops) per 480 litres of drinking water, or 56 grams (2 scoops) in the horse’s daily feed ration in place of regular salt (individual treatment), as long as recommended by a veterinarian. Prepare fresh solutions daily, and mix only the amount that will be consumed in a 24 hour period.