Draft Show Harness

All harnesses come complete with standard parts. To familiarize yourself with these parts see the larger view of each harness picture where you will see that each part has a corresponding item number. Replacement parts are available individually (see standard parts). There are also quite a few optional parts available to dress up/modify your harness selection. Please feel free to call 1-866-669-2064 or  E-Mail Us with any questions you may have. Collars are not included in price.

Harness Measuring Guide     Glossary of Harness Parts     Custom Harness Order Form

STANDARD HARNESS: All harnesses shown online in nylon, leather or biothane are standard styles and sizes in-stock product. Because they are manufactured in-house they may be bought as parts or complete sets. The bridles, hames, lines etc. may be switched from one set to the other to suit customer preference. The price will be added or subtracted according to changes made.

SPECIAL ORDER HARNESS: Special order harnesses and accessories can be made as time permits. Many styles and sizes can be manufactured from miniature to full draft size. Contact us for prices and delivery dates on special orders for individual sizes and requirements. All special orders require 50% down-payment on receipt of order and balance upon delivery. See our special order form to place your order.

HARNESS SERVICED: Harness may be brought in or shipped for repairs, cleaning or oiling. Estimates are available at that time if required.