Schneider's Blankets

Durability is a priority #1. Unless a blanket stays intact and on the horse, none of its features and benefits matter. To stand up to the demands of turnout, StormShield uses high thread count, heavy denier materials - many of which were originally created for the luggage industry. StormShield turnouts made of 1200 denier are guaranteed for 1 year; turnouts made of 1680 denier and 1800 denier are guaranteed for 2 years. Most StormShields last much longer!

StormShield® 1200D NEW BRITON Medium Weight Turnout

220 gm

StormShield® 1200D NEW BRITON Heavy Weight Turnout

380 gm

Schneider's Adjusta-Fit® Big Fella Dura-Nylon® Sheet - Open Front

Longer, wider and deeper to fit Drafts, large Warmbloods and halter horses. Not waterproof. In Black.

StormShield New Briton Neck Cover


Schneider's StormShield® SuperQuilt® Big Fella 1200D Medium Weight