Equine Pulmonary Hemorrhage Formula
  • Sophorae Japonica - Strengthens capillaries in the Lung
  • Panax Notoginseng - Helps stop bleeding
  • Rehmania Glutinosa - Enhances the effects of Panax Notoginseng
  • Astragalus - Increases Blood flow in tissues
  • Albizia Kalkora - Inhibits edema in the tissue

Dosage: Give 100cc twice daily 30-60 min before exercise for 5-7 days before event. On Event Day give 200cc beforeevent.  Or use a directed by your veterinarian.  Manufactured under strict GMP Standards. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. We always recommend consultation with your veterinarian for proper diagnosis. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. FOR ORAL USE ONLY. CAUTION: Not recommended for mares in foal.

Stasis - 1 Litre

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Stasis - 1 Gallon

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